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Auto-Trading robot with the most powerful performance & quality, for the forex broker and cryptocurrency trading broker. It will be making money on your brokers account every week, completely on auto-pilot without need for a computer or receiving any files.
It all happens through API keys directly on your broker account and your money is completely SAFE, we NEVER touch it.
It can generate SAFE AND PASSIVE income for you without the need for you to do absolutely any work at all. All the work is done by us, you just collect profits and go have fun











Our payments robot on telegram which is our payments processor will give you access to the each robots channel you purchased IMMEDIATELY / INSTANTLY after your payment reaches 1 confirmation on the bitcoin blockchain, so you receive immediate access to the channels. After that we contact you on your telegram account as soon as possible to get you installed on our systems. You must have a telegram account to make the payments for us if you do not have a telegram account yet please create one, because you will need it as ALL OUR ROBOTS CUSTOMERS CHANNELS are currently on telegram, so you will need a telegram account to have access to what you paid for (The robots customers channels + the robots systems who operate all on telegram).

To find out wow much you gonna earn, you can use our robots calculator, which is displayed on each of the robots pages and calculate your profits for different periods of time both withdrawing your money every month, or without withdrawing it and doing compound interest on the money by not making any withdrawals of the profits.

Bear in mind that this returns simulated from our calculators are not to be taken LITERALLY, and are just an estimate of potential earnings from using our products based on verified past results achieved by us and our customers from using our signals/robots, since 1 year ago back on early 2019 till now, from our verified performance results, but it is in no way a GUARANTEE that you will have the same result specially because we may have a bad month or some other unforeseen circunstance may affect the performance somehow.

we never had any bad month or a month we closed in negative so far since 1 year ago in 2019, but that does not guarantees it cannot happen either, so never use money that you cannot afford to lose when you invest with us and our products.

If when you go to register with the brokers, they say to you on screen that your country is not allowed to access and trade on their site then just use vpn or any other high quality VPN with anti DNS leak protection, to create account then using an ip from united kingdom or any other europe country like netherlands and it will work fine. you will not be trading on your account by yourself or even accessing their site often at all.

you will not need to install anything on your computer, or on a vps, or do any work at all either. you do not even need a computer at all lol. it will be our robot who will trade on your behalf/account and generate the profits on it, all through api keys. So you not need to be accessing their website at all.

Only a few times weekly you will access it, mainly at the end of every week to check your profits and make withdraw of them to yourself And to pay our weekly commission fee (depending on the plan you choose) So this vpn will do these job very well at this times, in case you are in a banned country ok.

No need to worry just do that and it will work 100% fine we have many customers from banned countries making profits with us.Many of them , and they still earning with us with no problems.This is normal this days, many people doing this already with no problems.So it will work for you too even if you in a banned country, ok.

Unfortunately we do not offer any TRIAL membership on any of our products. However, we have some very low priced plans like the 1 Month Subscription for the Forex and Binance/Crypto Signals membership, and also the 1 Month Subscription License for the Bustabit Robots, which are all priced low enough at $100 USD and $250 USD respectively, which are LOW ENOUGH and should allow you to test our projects quality properly and make further decision on getting the more expensive subscription plans LATER ON or not, in case you are happy with your 1 Month experience.

Yes, we have TELEGRAM only. But our telegram is for SUPPORT ONLY. It's only for customers who ALREADY purchased something from us and need support or talk anything else related to our products. For POTENTIAL buyers, our only way of contact is through our ADMIN email, at: [email protected] this is OUR ONLY WAY OF CONTACT. So if you find anyone with name bitcointhief using skype, ICQ, Wickr, jabber and even telegram and saying it's US, then BEWARE
you may get / you got = SCAMMED. As we do not have any accounts on ANY of this services and the only place we sell is on our website here and on Empire Market on darknet, but on there is the SAME products as here and also SAME PRICES too, and our username there is BitcoinThief (As always) not anything else. So if someone talked to you on jabber, skype or any other live chat app saying it's BitcoinThief or saying it's from our team BEWARE of this person immediately, as IT'S A SCAMMER, and you may lose your money by dealing with him, as we DO NOT HAVE ANY LIVE CHAT accounts, and our telegram is for CUSTOMERS SUPPORT ONLY, eventually some people from our team may contact/approach POTENTIAL buyers who joins our telegram channels or launches our payment robots directly, to offer discounted price deals or other reasons, but that's on our own discretion and you will know when it's us as we will be mentioning the fact that you launched our payments robot or joined our telegram proofs channel in the message, so you will know when it's us, but STILL all others should contact us through our ADMIN email listed on above only, ok.

You need minimum $1000 USD deposit, this is minimum needed for your account to be able to handle our forex robot strategies without any risk, anything lower than this is not acceptable by us because it won't be capable of handling our forex robot strategy properly, and can cause problems. So the minimum deposit allowed on forex robot is $1000 USD.

For The Binance Robot: You need also $1000 USD. Because we use only 2% investment / risk per trade, to be safe for our customers. So this is equal to only $20 USD only, which is very low amount already. So on binance we need a minimum deposit of $1000 USD for this reason, ok.

For the Sports Betting Signals: We recommend also $1000 USD too as bankroll, so you can recover from the $600 USD investment of the subscription fee faster, as otherwise if your bankroll is small you cannot recover the subscription fee + some profits within the period of 1 month that the subscription lasts. So you need AT LAST $1000 USD bankroll on the sports betting signals.

For Bustabit Robots: For the bustabit robots, the SAFE/SLOW robots you need a minimum of 30.000 bits ONLY, which is just = 0.03 BTC/$300 USD.
And for the FASTER PROFITS/HIGH RISK robots you need minimum of 100.000 bits / 0.10 BTC/$1000 USD. So basically $1000+ USD for any of the projects would be the PERFECT / IDEAL '' MINIMUM '' investment amount to start with and use, on all / any of them, ok.


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To see any recent updates about our robots like our recent results and other news, please check/join our telegram channel below so you can check/follow our robots results.

Our robots did not got affected or stopped due to corona virus, the financial markets continue currently operating with great chances and big drops/waves for our robots to surf, so if you were worried about the corona virus

You don't need anymore as our robots are working 100% as we speak and still generating profits to all our clients weekly regardless of the corona virus.

So you can make money with us non-stop and 100% automatically as our robots did not stopped on this corona virus issue, ok. So feel free to buy your copies today to avoid missing out on this huge corona virus influenced economic movements. There is lots of profits to be made off this times so come and join us today.


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